How to Change Gmail Password

In this era, email became an essential part of our life, or you can say we are surrounded by email. And if you use emails, then it’s not possible that you never use Gmail for your personal or professional work. Gmail has the largest client database, and users from all over the globe use Gmail account for their individual work, professional work, or college work. And now we are going to tell you “how you can secure your Gmail account” for any kind of threat that harms your office work or your personal data. And the answer is by “changing your Gmail account password.”

Changing your Gmail account password gives you 10 times better security from online threats. But if you don’t know the procedure of How to Change Gmail Password,” then don’t worry because now you are in the right place, because the motive of this content is to give you the correct information about to enhance your Gmail account security by changing your account password. So, don’t worry now; if you have a question in your mind like “how to change my Gmail password,” just follow the content and steps.

Gmail Change Password

How to change my Gmail password to secure my account

If you use your Gmail account on your computer or laptop, follow the below steps one by one because all actions are pretty necessary, so don’t be hurried and follow the steps correctly.

1. Open your web browser, which you use for your daily web surfing, and go to the “Gmail official website”

2. Once you land on the sign-in page, then “enter your email id and password in the given field” and then “press the enter button”on a keyboard, or you can click on the “Next” option by using your mouse.

3. Now, on the right side of the screen, you can see the setting icon, which looks like “wheel” click on it once, and you will see a drop-down in front of you click on “See all setting,” on that drop-down.

4. Now, on the top, you have to click on the fourth option, which says “Account and Import,” use your mouse and click on that option once.

5. Once you click on the “Account and Import option,” you can see the below option, which “Change Password,” click on that.

6. Now, “a new window will open in front of you”; on that window, Gmail wants you to sign in to your account once again by your password, just put your current password over there and click on the “Next Option.”

7. Now, you have to “enter your desired password” on the mentioned field twice and click on the “Change Password” option below.

You can change your Gmail account password with ease without any trouble or difficulty by following all these steps. If you use your Gmail account on a Computer or Laptop, then you can perform the above steps, but if you are using your account on a mobile phone, then you must follow the below process to “Change Gmail Password.”

How to change Gmail password in mobile | (Steps for Android and iPhone)

If you use your Gmail account on Android or iPhone, these steps are for you. You can perform these steps on any operating system like Android or IOS; these steps work on every mobile device.

1. Open your “Gmail Mobile Application” by using your Mobile Device.

2. Now, on the right top side, you can see your “profile icon displayed with your image”; just click on it once.

3. Now, an option says “Manage Your Google Account” below your profile image; you have to click on that option.

4. Now, you can se numerous options in front of your screen, you have to click on “Personal Info,” after that, you have to scroll your screen down and look for the password option, once you find the “Password Option,” simply click on that.

5. Now again, Gmail wants you to sign in to your account by your current Gmail account password, “put your current password” in the given field and click on “Next Option.”

6. Now, on the current page, you have to “enter your new desired password twice” and try you use special words that are tough to crack for anyone, and once you enter your new password, then click on the below “Continue Option.”

These are steps through which you will know “how to change Gmail Password in Mobile,” no matter you are using Android or iPhone; just follow the above steps and change your Gmail account password with your mobile device.

Change Gmail Password

Sometimes, we don’t know the password of our Gmail account, and it’s a very tough time for us, and we keep thinking about “how to retrieve the Gmail account password.” If you are dealing with the same situation, the below steps are very helpful for you.

Forgot Gmail Password | (Complete Steps to Retrieve It)

“Gmail forgot password” is the major crisis that most Gmail users face, and at that moment, the situation became drastic. And then many users open their Google and type “i forgot my Gmail password,” for the best result, but they didn’t receive any single article or video that was really helpful for them. But today, through the below steps, users will find the best result that is quite helpful for them.

Forgot Gmail Password

1. Open the web browser you usually use for surfing, type the Gmail official website on the search bar and press the enter key from the keyboard.

2.Now, you will see the Gmail sign-in page; in front of you, enter your Gmail account id and click on the below “Next” option.

3.Now, you will see the “Forgot Password” option below the enter your password box; click on that.

4. Now, “Gmail sends a verification code on your phone number” that you used when you created your Gmail account earlier.

5. Once you receive a verification code on your phone number, “put your code on the given field” and click on the Next or Continue option.

6. Now, you will see a new page in front of you which ask for a new password; “enter your new password twice” that is easy to remember for you and then “click on the below continue” option.

These steps are very helpful if you “forgot gmail password,” You will perform these steps on any device like Computer, Laptop, iPad, Tablet, and Smart Phone. And if you want to know more about Gmail account Tips and Features, stay connected with us and follow over every blog; all blogs prove very helpful for you.