Blerk ERROR 1 in AOL Mail | 2 Minute Tips

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well and thank you so much for reading my blogs. Today I will give you the correct information about “Blerk ERROR 1 in AOL Mail.” I personally use AOL mail for work purposes, and suddenly I faced “Blerk ERROR 1.” 

However, few day back I resolved this error message, and now through this blog, I will share some helpful ways by which you will get the complete information to resolve this error within a few minutes.

But, before we start, you have to know about this error message to understand it, and then it is easier to fix it. So read the below information; through this, you will understand what this error message is.

Blerk ERROR 1 in AOL Mail

2 Minutes Brief About What is Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail

People face this error message due to an error in the authentication process or any problem with their web browser. If you use an older web browser version, you will get this error message. If you face this error, you will see a message in front of you that has mentioned, “Blerk Error 1, ERR1100, ERR1102, ERR1103, ERR1106, ERR1107, ERR1108, ERR1109, ERR1110, ERR1112.”

These error codes are the same, and the process to fix them is also the same. So go forward to the below information and know the correct methods to fix this error code. I applied these methods personally, and my error message was resolved, and now I use my AOL mail without any hurdle.

Points to fix Blerk error 1 in AOL Mail

To fix this error message, you have to follow a few points, and by following them, this error message will be resolved in a few minutes. So without making this blog lengthy, we will simply go to the steps.

Adjust Your Web Browser Settings

Sometimes, your web browser’s security settings could be the reason for this error message. Different web browsers have different security settings, so it is tough for web browsers to load AOL mail appropriately. So here, I will show you how to adjust the web browser’s security settings.

Adjust Your Web Browser Security Settings on Microsoft Edge

If you use Microsoft Edge, you can follow the below points to Adjust your web browser security settings.

1. Use your device and visit the Settings and More, after that go to the Settings, and in last go to the Privacy, search, and services.

These steps can help you with adjusting Microsoft Edge web browser security settings. For more information in detail, you can also visit Microsoft Edge Web Browser Security Settings.”

Adjust Your Web Browser Security Settings on Safari

If you use Safari Browser, you can follow the below steps to adjust your web browser security settings.

1. On your Mac you have to visit Preferences, > and then, you have to the Choose Safari, > after this go to the, Preferences, > and in last Click Security.

These steps become helpful for you to adjust web browser security settings if you use the Safari browser. You can have more relevant information, so follow Safari Web Browser Security Settings for more information.

Adjust Your Web Browser Security Settings on Google Chrome

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, you can follow the below steps to adjust web browser security settings.

1. First, open your “Google Chrome Browser,” then click on the top right side, “3 vertical dots,” now click on the “Settings” option in the drop-down.

2. Now, click on “Privacy and Security” to adjust your browser security settings.

Follow these steps to adjust your Google Chrome web browser security settings. If you want to know more, about this process in brief, visit Google Chrome Web Browser Security Settings.”

You can adjust your web browser security settings from every browser through these steps. So follow this method; if it doesn’t work, you can follow the below method.

Check and Update your Bookmark

People bookmark the websites where they visit regularly. It is a shortcut so people don’t waste their time typing the full website link on the search bar. So if you bookmark the AOL website, you have to check your Bookmark once again. It might be possible you bookmarked the older link of the AOL mail website, and it is not working anymore. So, it’s time to update your Bookmark and add the new AOL mail link.

The correct address of the AOL mail website is, so bookmark this website and access your AOL mail account once again. If your error message is not resolved through this method, follow the below methods.

Clear Your Web Browser Caches and Cookies

Caches and Cookies are the essential things by which people face many problems. When I faced this error message, firstly, I Checked my caches and cookies, and it was 30GB stored on my web browser. So firstly, I cleared them from my web browser, and I suggest everyone clear caches and cookies from their web browser from time to time.

If you don’t know where the caches and cookies are stored and how to clear them, follow the below points.

Clear Caches and Cookies from Google Chrome Web Brower

In the United States, most people use Google Chrome Browser to surf the internet. And due to that, several caches and cookies are stored in the Chrome browser, and people face many problems. So here I will tell you the correct way to clear caches and cookies from the “Google Chrome” web browser; follow it properly.

1. Open your “Google Chrome” web browser, and look at the top right side corner; there, you will see “3 vertical dots” click on that.

2. Now, you have a drop-down in front of your screen; on that drop-down, you have to select the “History” option by moving your mouse. Once you move your mouse to the “history” option, you will see another “history” option left side of your screen; just click on that.

3. Now, you will be landed on a new page, where you can see “clear browsing data” on the left side, click on that.

4. Now, you will see a pop-up, select “All Time” in the above Time Range option and then click on the below “clear data” option.

Wait for a couple of minutes, and your caches and cookies will be cleared. If you use “Mozilla Firefox,” you can follow the below steps.

Clear Your Caches and Cookies from Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

The steps to clear caches and cookies from the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser are relatively straightforward. You can complete this process in a few minutes, so follow the below points and get it done in a short period.

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, and look on the top right side corner. You will see “3 horizontal lines,” you have to click on that.

2. Now, you have a drop-down in front of you, and there you can see the “history” option; you have to click on that. Once you click on the “history” option, you will see the “Manage History” option below. Click that option and wait for a few seconds.

3. Now, you will see your all history on the left side of the screen; click that one by one, and at the same time, click the delete button from the keyboard one by one.

Once you perform all these steps, your caches and cookies are cleared from your Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Update Your Older Web Browser to the Newest

Some people don’t know that they are using an older web browser, and due to that, they face many problems while accessing websites. So if you face “Blerk error 1 AOL mail,” then it’s time to update your older web browser to the newest. Update your web browser and remove this error message in a few minutes.

You can be resolved “Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail,” through the above methods. And once your error message is resolved, change your AOL Password to keep it more secure.


Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail is an error message by which users can’t access their AOL Mail account. That error comes when users face any authentication error in AOL Mail. I suggest you follow this blog and steps if you are dealing with this error message, and you can resolve this error by following the steps that I mentioned in this blog.

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