How to Change AOL Password

We live in an era where email has become an essential part of our daily routine. We use email for every single work, no matter it personal or professional, and if you use email for everyday work, then you all know the fact that AOL email is the first choice of every email user. AOL gives top-notch features and data protection security, which is pretty awesome in today’s time. But changing the password is a big task for AOL mail users, and through this content, you will know the most satisfactory answer of “how to change aol password.”

So, if you are trying to “Change AOL Password for a while but didn’t find the correct way, follow the below steps one by one and do this process with ease.

Change AOL Password

How to Change my AOL Password | (Desktop or Laptop)

Often, users open their web browser and search “how to change my aol password.” Still, unfortunately, they didn’t find the right way, and then they felt hopeless. But here, users will get the correct information about these processes within 2 minutes through the below steps.

1. First, sit back and relax, and open your search engine, whatever you use for suffering like Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

2. Once you open your search engine, then look at the top search bar on that search bar, you have to type AOL official website that is, and then use your keywords and press the enter button.

3. Now, you will be landed on AOL’s official website; look on the extreme right side corner you will see the “Login/Join” option over there. Now use your mouse and click on that option once.

4. Now the sign-in page comes in front of you, enter your AOL “username, email or mobile number,” whatever you use to sign in to your account, and click on the “Next” option below.

5. Once you click, enter your “username, email, or mobile number,” and click on the “Next option.” Immediately AOL asks you for the password, enter your AOL Password on the given field, and click on the “Next” option below.

6. Now your AOL account is signed in; look at the left side you will see the option “Mail,” just click on that. Once you click on that option, you will be landed on the new page, where you will see all your emails.

7. Once you will land on the page where you see all your emails, then look on the top right side corner, you will see your “AOL username,” below that you can see “sign out and options,” just use your mouse and click on “options,” now a drop-drop with many options will come front of you. You have to click on the “Account Info” option once.

8. Now, you will see the page where all your information is written, forgot all the things and look on the left side you will see “Account Security” option just click o that.

9. Now, scroll down the page slowly, and below, you will see the “password option,” next to that, you will also see the “change password” option; you have to click on the “change password” option.

10. Sometimes, some users will see the option that says “Prove you’re not a robot,” if you also see this option, then complete it.

11. Now, you will see a new page that says “Create a new password,” and you will see the box which asks for “New Password,” just enter your new desired password over there and click on the below “Continue” option.

You will change your AOL mail account password through Desktop or Laptop by following these steps. So if you want to know “how do I change my aol password,” you can change your password through the above steps with ease.

How to change AOL password on iPhone | (iPhone and Android)

Many AOL email users use their email account on their smartphone, as today we live in the modern era, so everyone can access everything on their smartphones. So keep this thing in mind; I will provide you the complete steps by which you can “change aol password on iphone.”

1. First, open AOL mobile app and sign in to your account by using your credentials.

2. Once you login into your AOL mail account, you will see your profile photo, which appears on the left top side of the screen; you have to click on that.

3. Now, you will see many options in front of you; just click on “Manage Accounts.”

4. Now, you will see your active account; below your active account, you can see the “Account info” option; just click on that once.

5. Once you click on the “Account Info” option, you will now see the complete information about your AOL account, such as personal info, account info, account security, etc. On those options, you have to click on “Security Settings.”

6. Once you click on “Security Settings,” then your phone asks for a password; if you add any passcode to unlock your screen, just enter your passcode over there, or if you didn’t add any passcode to unlock your screen, then you didn’t receive any passcode popup.

7. Now, you have to scroll your screen downside, and you will see the “password” option; click on the “change password” option once.

8. Now, in last, you will see a new page that asks for “new password,” enter your desired password in the given field and click on the below “continue” option.

If you are looking for “how to change aol password on iphone,” the above steps will definitely help you change your password on iPhone.

Forgot AOL Password | Easy Steps to Retrieve

Suppose you “Forgot AOL Password” and seek the best tips on Google by typing “forgot my aol password,” then, through this blog, you will get the right way to retrieve your AOL password within 2 minutes. You will proceed with these steps with your desktop, laptop, or mobile; these steps will work on any device.

1. Open your search engine that you frequently use to sign in to your email account or surf the internet.

2. Now, on the search bar, search for “AOL’s official website,”

3. Now, on the top right side of the screen, you will get the option “Login/Join,” click on that.

4. Now, you will see the “AOL sign-in page”; put your AOL username or email address in the given field and click on the below “Next” option.

5. Now, you will see the “Forgot Password” option that appears below “Next Button,” click on that option once.

6. You will see a new page on that page; AOL sends a verification code on the phone number you entered when you were created your AOL mail account. Click on the “Yes, Send me a code” option to get the verification code.

7. Now, you will receive a “verification code” on your phone number; enter that code in the given field and click on the “verify” option below.

8. Once you enter the verification code and click on the “verify option,” you will see a new page that asks for a new password; enter your new password over there, and click on the “continue” option.

These steps will help you retrieve your AOL password in 2 minutes, so if you “forgot AOL password,” you must follow the above steps.