Error 009 Roku | 2 minutes Tips to Fix This

Hello everybody, this side James Williams and today’s topic is “Error 009 Roku.” Today, I will tell you the best information of why the user’s getting this error code and the accurate answer to fix “Roku Error Code 009.”

I searched for some new questions, which I put on my website with complete information and the correct answer to fix those questions or errors. And I found this error code, where many people say they can’t access their Roku device due to this error code.

Entertainment is a perfect dose to release our stress, and it also connects us with our family, friends, loved ones. And Roku is the most delicate device where we will enjoy many movies, TV shows, and web series. So, by seeking all these things, I decided to give you the perfect information to fix “Roku error 009,” read the blog and follow the complete instructions one by one.

Error 009 Roku

What is Error 009 Roku and Why do users face this

Through reading all the information, the primary factor of this error code is disabled Internet Connectivity. Suppose your Roku device is not connected to the internet or Wifi. In that case, you have to face this error code because Roku is entirely reliant on the internet connection, so if you are not getting the internet connectivity, then “Roku error code 009” occurs.

Now you have complete information of why users have to face this error code in their Roku device. So let’s forward to the next step, fixing Roku Error 009″ through the information below.

How to fix Roku Error Code 009 in 2 minutes

I am mentioning some methods by which you will get the accurate answer to solve this error code, so check and follow the below steps and enjoy the entertainment once again.

Method 1: Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes we forget to check that our device is connected to the router, ethernet cable or Wifi; due to that, we cannot access the internet on our devices. So if you are facing Error code 009, you must check that your Roku device is really connected to the internet.

Method 2: Check Your Internet Cable or Wire

Sometimes we use broken wire or cable, and due to that we cannot access the internet, so check your internet wire or cable properly. If you find a broken cable, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and fix your internet problem.

Method 3: Restart your Roku Device

A small restart can fix many problems, so if you face “Roku error code 009,” I highly recommend restarting your device once. You can follow the below steps to restart your Roku device in 2 minutes.

1. First, look at your Roku remote and press the “Home Button.”

2. Now you are landed on the main screen, and after that, scroll down your screen and click on the “Setting” option.

3. After clicking on the “setting” option, scroll down your screen again and click on the “system” option.

4. Now, you have to click on the “Power” option and click on the “OK” button from your Roku remote.

5. Now, scroll down your screen again and go to the “system restart,” after that, press the “OK” button from your Roku remote.

6. Now, you will see the “Restart” option right-side of your screen and press the “OK” button from your Roku remote.

Through these steps, you will restart your Roku device in 2 minutes; once your Roku device restarts, check whether the error code is resolved or not; if not, go forward to the following method.

Method 4: Reset Your Network Settings and setup New

Sometimes the corrupted DNS (Domain Name System) file occurs problems, so if you face this error code in your Roku device, reset your network setting and set up a new network connection. You will reset your network setting to new through the below steps, so follow that properly.

1. Go to the “setting” option of your Roku streaming player and after that, go to the “System” option.

2. Now, you have to go to the “Advance System Settings,” then you can see the options on the right side of your screen; on that option, you have to click on “Network connection reset.”

3. Now, you will see the “Reset Connection,” option on the right side of your screen; use your Roku remote and press the “OK” button.

Through these steps, you will reset your network settings, and to set up a new network connection, follow the below steps.

Set up a new connection on Roku Device

1. First, wait for a couple of minutes to reset your Roku device; once it’s done, use your Roku remote and press the “Home” button.

2. Now, go to the “settings” option, and after that, go to the “Network” option.

3. Now, you will see a new window in front of you on that new window, go to the “Set up connection,” and then go to the “wireless,” option that appears right side of your screen.

4. Now, “select your new wifi connection” and enter your wifi password.

You will set up a new network connection through these steps, and through these steps error code will automatically resolve. If the error code is still there, then follow the below method.

Method 5: Factory Reset of Roku

Sometimes users face some glitch in their system software, and this error code occurs. So you try all the above methods, but your error code is still there, then you can try this last method, and by following, “Roku error code 009” will fix automatically.

1. First, you have to go to the “settings,” option and then select “system.”

2. Now, you have to select “System Reset,” and then select the “Factory Reset,” option, which appears on the right side of the screen.

3. Now, resetting is started; wait for some time, and “Error 009 Roku” will resolve by itself.

Through all these methods, you will get the right information about Roku error code 009 and how you can fix this error in a few minutes. So follow the procedures carefully and enjoy your Roku streaming player once again with your family, friends or your loved ones.


Roku error code 009 is that kind of problem; due to this, users can’t enjoy their weekends if they love to watch movies, TV shows and web series. This error occurs due to no internet connectivity, so if you face this error, follow the above methods and fix this error in 2 minutes.

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