HDCP Error Detected Roku | Roku Error Code 020

Hello everyone, my name is James Williams, and Today’s topic is “HDCP Error Roku.” I was surfing the internet and found this error. I was shocked to hear that many people are facing this error frequently. Even they don’t know about this error code and the correct information to fix this error.

So Today, through this blog, I will tell everyone about this error code and the accurate information to fix this in a few minutes. So I suggest you read this blog attentively and follow the method I mentioned below and get the right tips to resolve the “Roku HDCP error.”

As in my previous blog, I gave you the correct information to fix Error 009 Roku,” Today, I will provide you with the accurate information to fix this error.


What is HDCP Error Roku

If you talk about what is HDCP Error Roku,” or you can say Roku error 020, then there are many reasons on the internet for this error code. If you read those articles, then it might be possible you will confuse. So here I will give you the exact reason for this error code.

Every smart Tv have two connection first one is HDMI, and the second one is HDCP. Our smart tv is connected to an HDMI cable, and the HDCP help our smart tv to support copy and content protection. These are the main things that allow us to watch movies, tv shows, web series safely on our smart tv.

If you are watching any movie, TV show, web series, or video using HDMI cable and the audio or video does not support HDCP in that case, you have to face “Roku HDCP error.” Because of this error code, you may face a purple screen.

Through the below steps, you will get the complete information to resolve this error code in a short time. So I suggest you follow the below steps attentively and eliminate this error.

Fix Your HDCP Error Roku in few a Minutes

Do not panic if you are dealing with an “HDCP error detected Roku,” it can be fixed by following a few steps. Look at the information below, follow the method I mentioned, and set this error in a few minutes.

Method 1: Restart The Roku Device and TV

You can restart your Roku and TV by two methods, check what option is easy for you and do this accordingly.

Step 1: Restart it from Roku Menu

1. Pick up your Roku remote and press the “Home Button” by doing this, you will be landed on your main screen, and then you have to select the “system.”

2. Now, scroll down your screen and look for “System Restart,” once you find this, then simply select it.

3. Now, wait for a while once your Roku device restarts, then check the error; it is still there or resolved.

Step 2: Restart it by disconnecting the device from each other

1. You can see the “HDMI Cable” plugged with your Roku device and TV. Make sure you unplug both devices from the HDMI cable.

2. Now, “unplug your TV wire” from the socket (power source) and wait 2 minutes.

3. Now, “unplug your Roku device” from the power source and wait for 2-3 minutes.

4. Now, plug your “HDMI Cable” into the Roku device and TV properly. Make sure you connect the correct plug to the right device.

5. Now, “plug back your Roku device and TV” to the socket (power source) and power on both devices.

6. Once it’s done and your Roku device and TV turn on, then check the error code is resolved or not.

Through these steps, you will restart your Roku device and TV, but through these steps, if the error code is still there, then follow the below method.

Method 2: Disable the Roku Device Refresh Rate

1. Use your Roku remote and press the “Home Button,” after that, select the “Settings,” and then select the “System.”

2. Now, select the “Advanced System Settings,” once you choose this, You will see “Advanced Display Settings” right side of your screen; select that option.

3. Now, select “Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate” and then mark the “Disabled” option.

By following these steps, your HDCP Error Roku will resolve itself. If it doesn’t, you can follow the below steps and fix this error code.

Method 3: Set your Roku Display time to Auto-Detect

1. Press the “Home Button” from your Roku remote and select the “Settings.”

2. Once you select the “settings,” you will see more options on the right side of your screen; you have to choose the “Display Type.”

3. Now, you will see many display type options; you must select “Auto Detect.”

By following these methods, your “Roku HDCP error” will be resolved, and you can enjoy movies, TV shows, web series once again with your family and friends.


HDCP Error Roku can be caused by a network error; if your Roku device and TV do not use the HDCP link, you must face this error code. But through the above methods, you can fic this error code within a few minutes.

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