How to Delete AOL Account

Hello everyone, I am James Williams, and today I am back with one more exciting tip of “How to Delete AOL Account.” Many AOL email users seek on the web about this and read many articles, but they didn’t find the correct answer or the right way to delete their AOL email account. But like my previous blog, I continuously give you tips for every single problem related to your emails issues. And today, I will provide you with the correct answer and one-stop tips about “how to delete an aol email account.”

So, without wasting your time, follow the below tips and get the correct and instant way to delete your AOL mail account in 2 Minutes.

How to Delete AOL Account

How to delete AOL email account | 2 Minutes Tips

1. First, “open the web browser” that you frequently use to surf the Internet, whether it’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, etc.

2. Now, on the top search bar, “type the official AOL website,,” and hit the enter key from your keyboard.

3. Now, on the right top side, you will see the option “Login/Join,” click on that option and wait for a second.

4. Now, you will be landed on the AOL sign-in page. Enter your “username, email, or mobile,” that you generally use to sign in to your account. Once you enter, then click on the below “Next” option.

5. Now, you will see a new page in front of you, where you have to enter your AOL mail account password“enter your AOL password,” and click on the “Next” option below.

6. Now, you have to “open a new web browser tab,” where you have to” enter this link on the search bar and press the enter button from the keyboard, or you can simply click on it. This link is a termination page link where you will easily cancel your AOL mail account.

7. Now, you will see a new page in front of you, where you will see the information; read that information correctly and click on the below “Continue Delete My Account” option.

8. Once you click on “Continue Delete my Account Option,” you will be landed on a new page where you have to enter your AOL email account; you have to enter the email account you want to delete. Once you enter the email, then click on the below “Yes, Terminate this Account.”

By following these steps, you will know the complete information about “how to delete aol account,” and you will cancel your account with ease. But suppose you want to recover your AOL account again by the below steps. In that case, you will quickly recover your account within 30 days.

Recover Deleted AOL Email Account | 2 Minutes

1. First, “go to AOL’s official website” and “sign in to your AOL account” with your credential.

2. Now, you have to “verify your recovery information,” and by this, you will recover your AOL account.

You will recover your deleted AOL mail account in 2 minutes and reaccess it through these steps.


The process of deleting an AOL mail account is relatively easy. Still, sometimes people do not do this process because of incorrect guidance. Still, here in this blog, I will mention all the information and facts that will help you to delete your AOL account in the right way.

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