Schedule Your Email for Any Date And Time in Outlook Mail

Hello everyone, I am James Williams and our today’s topic is “how to schedule an email in outlook.” Many Outlook email users do not become aware of all the features of Outlook, so they cannot access their Outlook email account like a Pro. Hence I am here to tell you about one significant part of Outlook email: “how to schedule an email to send later in outlook.”

This scheduling feature is quite helpful for users who use Outlook email for work purposes, so if you want to send any document for future meetings, you can use this feature.

So, let’s go forward to the further steps and know the scheduling feature in Outlook email.

How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

How to schedule an email in Outlook Mac Desktop/Laptop

If you are using Mac and want to know “How to schedule an email in Outlook,” follow the steps below and learn about this process.

1. Open your outlook email and click on the top “New Email” option.

2. Complete all the essential email fields like “To, CC, Subject email ” and type the email you usually use to send an email.

3. Once you complete all the necessary fields, look at the send option; you will see a drop-down. Click on that drop-down option, and select the “Send Later” option.

4. Now, select the time and date whenever you wish to send your email, and once you select the time and date, click on the “Send” option.

These are the steps; by following all these, you can schedule your email for any date and time on Mac.

How to schedule an email in Outlook Windows Desktop/Laptop

If you are using the Outlook email account from your windows system, follow the steps below to schedule an email in Outlook.

1. Open your Outlook email account and click on the “New Email” option.

2. Now complete all the essential fields such as “To, CC and the Subject of your email.” Once you have filled all these fields, type the email you wish to send.

3. Now, on the above, you will see the “Option” click on that. Once you click on that, you will see many other options below. You must click on the “3 dots” on your screen’s right side.

4. Once you click on the 3 dots, you will see a drop-down menu in front of you, where you will see the “Delay Delivery,” option. Click on the “Delay Delivery” option and select the Date and Time when you wish you send the email.

You can schedule an email on Outlook in windows through these steps. So follow the above steps when you use your Outlook account from your windows system.


You can schedule your email on Outlook for any date and time. This blog will give you complete information about this information and the steps. So if you want to know how to schedule an email in Outlook, you must follow this blog.

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