How to Sign out of HBO Max on Roku in 2 Minutes

Hello everybody, my name is James Williams, and I am a professional and skilled content writer staying in Albany, New York. And my today’s topic is “How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku.”

Sometimes we are at our friends, family, or relatives’ homes, so we sign in our HBO Max on their Roku TV to watch movies or shows. And we can also share our HBO Max account with our known to, but after a few days, we want to sign out our HBO max account from their Roku TV.

However, many people know about this process, but some don’t know “How to log out of HBO max on Roku,” seeking this, I am writing this article to let you know about this process.

How to Sign out of HBO Max on Roku

How to Log out of HBO Max on Roku

Logging out is quite simple; if you follow the below steps properly, you can log out your HBO Max on Roku in 2 minutes. So follow the below steps properly and know the right way to log out HBO Max on Roku.

1. First, turn on your Roku and then press the “Home Button” from your Roku remote.

2. Now, you have to search “HBO Max Channel” on the search bar and open that.

3. Now, you will see the profiles, “select that profile,” which you access to watch the movies and shows.

4. Now, you have to select “Browse,” which appears on the top left side.

5. Now, you must “Select the profile icon” and click on “OK.”

6. Now, use your Roku remote and select “My Profile.”

7. Now, you will see the “sign out” option on the top right side; you must click on that.

8. Select “Sign Out” and click the “OK” button from your Roku remote.

You will easily log out your HBO Max from Roku by these steps. So if you want to know “How to sign out of HBO max on Roku,” then through these steps, you will get the complete information. 

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Sometimes we give our HBO Max login to our friends and family member, and then we are looking at steps about “How to log out of HBO max on Roku,” so in this blog, you get the correct information from point to point.

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