How to turn on Roku tv Without Remote

Hello everyone, this side James Williams again, and today I will tell you about “how to turn on Roku tv without remote.” Sometimes we forget where is the Roku remote or people facing problems with their Roku remote; that’s why I am writing this article today so that people know “how to turn on TCL Roku tv without Remote.”

But remember one thing: if you are using a Roku device and Roku TV together, you can turn on your Roku TV without a remote; if you are using only a Roku device with another smart TV, you can’t access your Roku device without a remote. So make sure you have a Roku device and Roku TV connected.

How to turn on Roku tv Without Remote

How to turn on a Roku TV Without the Remote in 2 Minutes

Roku TV has mechanical buttons that are used for emergency purposes only. These buttons appear on the “backside of your TV or the front bottom of your TV.” You just find it properly and press the turn on the button, and you will see your Roku TV will turn on without the Roku remote.

Once your Roku TV turns on, you can use that with your Roku Mobile App. If you don’t have the Roku mobile App and even don’t know how to use your Roku TV with the mobile app, follow the below steps.

How to install Roku Mobile App

If you want to install Roku Mobile App, you can install it from the “Play Store or App Store.” If you are using an Android smartphone, then follow the below steps.

Install Roku Mobile App From Play Store

1. First, open your “Play Store” from your Android SmartPhone and perform the below step.

2. Now, on the search bar, type “Roku Remote Control,” click on the search button.

3. Now, click on Roku Remote Application; now you will see “Install Button” click on that and wait for some time.

You can install your Roku remote application from Android Phone through these steps. If you are using iPhone, you can follow the below steps.

Install Roku Mobile App From App Store

1. First, open your “App Store” from your iPhone.

2. Now, on the right-side bottom corner, you will see a search icon, click on that and search for “Roku Remote Control.”

3. Now, you will see Roku Remote Application,” click on that and click on the “Install” option below. It will take a few minutes to install; once installed, you can use Roku Tv from your Mobile phone.

You can install “Roku Remote” from App Store by following these steps. And through the below steps, you will know how to use Roku TV from Roku Mobile Application.

How to use Roku Mobile App Remote on Roku TV

1. First, make sure your mobile is “connected with the same wifi” as your Roku TV.

2. Now, open your Roku Mobile Application and click on the “Device Icon” that appears on the bottom.

3. Now, you have to click on the “Remote Icon” that appears on the left side and looks like remote buttons.

4. Now, you will get the “Remote Control” on your screen; use it as you use your Roku remote.

You can use your “Roku Mobile App” with ease through these steps. If you face any errors in Roku, then visit our blog page and read the appropriate information while performing these steps.


Sometimes due to Roku remote problems, people can’t turn on their Roku TV, so here I gave some information by which you can turn on your Roku TV without a Roku remote. So if you are looking for the correct information about “How to turn on Roku tv Without Remote,” you must follow this blog.

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