Settle Roku Error 014.30 in Few Minutes

Hello people, I am James Williams, your daily writer. And today, I will give you the appropriate explanation to fix “Roku error 014.30.” This error code arises when you are streaming on your Roku TLC, and abruptly your Roku doesn’t get robust internet connectivity; in that case, you will get the “error 014.30 Roku.”

Furthermore, you no need to worry about this error code. However, this error code is quite irritating when you are streaming Roku TLC with your friends, family, or loved ones, and abruptly you face this Roku error code, but today through this blog or you can say article, you will get the proper answer about “How do I fix error code 014.30 on Roku.”

Additionally, first, you want to know about this error code accurately, like what this error code is? Because it is equally important to comprehend the error code and further go to key steps. So read the below paragraph and understand this error code from scratch.

Roku Error 014.30

What is Roku Error 014.30?

As I already mentioned in the above information, I will describe it in depth here so that whosoever didn’t understand this error code earlier can know about it accordingly. People face “Roku error code 014.30” when their Roku TLC is not getting robust internet connectivity or corrupt Router DNS.

How do I fix Roku Error 014.30?

In this article, I will share the pinpoints by which you will get out of this error code and can stream once again with ease. You all need to follow my tips and execute them accordingly.

1. Test your internet connectivity through another device:

This trick can help you to understand whether your internet connectivity is okay or not. If you are not getting internet connectivity on your other device, it is an internet connectivity issue. Hence, contact your internet service provider (ISP) to fix internet connectivity.

2. Operate your Roku Remote:

By following the above process, if the concern is still there, use your Roku remote, go to “Setting,” and click on “system.” Now you will see the menu; click on “system restart” and check whether the problem is settled or not. If your problem is still there, check your network connection through the Roku remote if the matter is not resolved. For this procedure, you can follow the downward data.

1. Use your Roku remote, go to “Settings,” and select “Network.”

2. Now, click on the “setup connection,” afterwards, select “Wireless.”

3. Now, select your “Network” and enter a special password.

4. In the last, select “Connect.” These steps will be seated a new connection successfully.

3. Reboot Your Router/Modem:

If the problem is not resolved by following the overhead approaches, reboot your Router/Modem once. It might be likely that your Roku is not fetching robust internet connectivity, so to get the strong internet connectivity, reboot your Router/Modem.

4. Update your Roku Software:

Sometimes, the old version of the software causes tremendous difficulties. So if the trouble is still there by following all the overhead efforts, it’s time to update your Roku software. You can follow the below points to update your Roku software in a short stretch.

1. Connect your Roku device with a different wifi connection, or you can also connect your Roku device with the ethernet cable.

2. Once it’s connected, use your Roku remote and press the “Home Button.”

3. Now, scroll down and select “Settings.”

4. Now, select “system,” further system “system update.”

This process will take some time; once it’s done, you can use your Roku device again with ease.


Roku Error 014.30 is a problem that arises from poor internet connectivity or corrupt Router DNS. However, I mentioned the helpful information to resolve this error code, so if you are dealing with this problem, follow the steps mentioned above.

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