Quick Tips to Resolve Roku Error 014.50 in a Few Minutes

Hello readers, I am James Williams again with a new blog. In this blog, you will get to know the complete information to resolve “Roku Error 014.50” in a short time.

This error code is similar to “Roku Error 014.30,” I already shared a blog to resolve this error code, and today, we will cover “error 014.50 Roku.”

This Sunday, my friends and I were watching a movie on Roku. Out of a sudden, my TV was stuck. A few seconds later, I saw an error message “unable to connect wireless network.” This thing happened due to “Roku tv error 014.50.”

I followed some steps, and boom, my Roku started again without difficulty. So here in this blog, I will share the steps I followed to resolve this error code. I would request you to follow the way step by step the way I will mention below.

Roku Error Code 014.50

Why do Users have to Face Roku Error 014.50?

This error code occurs if you don’t have internet connectivity or your device can’t connect with the local network. These are the primary things of “Roku Error 014.50.” If you sort out these things, then you will be able to access your Roku once again.

Follow the below steps to resolve this error code in a short period and access your Roku without any hurdle.

How You can Resolve Roku Error Code 014.50 in a Few Minutes

I will mention some ways I followed when I faced this error code. You can also follow the same to resolve “Error 014.50 Roku tv.”

Check Your Internet Connectivity

First, you have to check your internet connectivity on a different device to make sure you are getting internet connectivity. Contact your internet service provider (ISP) to fix the internet issue if you are not getting internet connectivity.

Place Your Router Near By Your Roku TV or Device

Sometimes our Router or Modem is placed in a different room, and our Roku Device or TV is not getting good internet connectivity. So if you are dealing with the same problem, change your Router place and adjust it to your Roku TV or device.

Check Your wifi Password

Before connecting your Roku Device or TV with wifi, ensure you enter the correct password. Sometimes in a hurry, people enter the incorrect password, so double-check once you enter your wifi password.

Check Your Local Internet Network

If your Roku is connected with an Ethernet cable, ensure the ethernet cable insert is appropriate. If your ethernet cable is not inserted correctly, you must face “Roku Error 014.50.” 

Disable Firewall and Antivirus from Your Device

Sometimes firewall and the antivirus give you unwanted issues, so if you face this error code, disable your firewall and antivirus to avoid this problem.

Restart Your Roku Device and TV

If you followed all the above steps but your issue is still there, restart your Roku device and TV once to resolve this problem quickly.

So, here are the complete tips by which you can resolve the “Roku Error Code 014.50”. So follow the above step and get this error code fixed.


The Roku Error 014.50 is a problem arising from no internet connectivity. However, I mentioned all the methods by which you can quickly resolve this error code in a short time.

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