The Quick Tips to Resolve Roku Error 018

Hello folks, I am James Williams, and today I will tell you the right way to resolve “Roku Error 018.” I received several emails from Roku users to provide the best tips to fix Roku-related errors; that’s why today I am here with a new topic: “Error 018 Roku.”

Most of the Roku errors occurred due to poor or no internet connectivity, and this error is related to the same. If you are not getting robust internet connectivity, this “Roku Error 018” occurs.

However, in this blog, you will get the correct information on how you resolve this matter in a short period. So, follow this blog properly and get your Roku back with lots of entertainment.

Roku Error 018

Tips to resolve Roku Error 018 in a Short Period

You will get the correct information to resolve this error code through the below tips, so if you are contacting excellent internet connectivity and still facing this error code, then I will mention a few more tips to resolve this matter.

1. Restart Your Modem/ Router Once

To resolve the poor or no internet connectivity, it’s highly recommended to restart your router/modem once. You can simply turn off your router plugged switch, wait for atleast 2 minutes, and then turn on your router/modem switch.

2. Placed your Router/Modem Near Your Roku TV

Sometimes our Router/Modem is placed in a different room; that’s why our devices are not getting good internet connectivity. If you are also one of them, place your Router/Modem near your Roku TV to get good internet connectivity.

3. Use your Mobile Hotspot

Through the above steps, if your issue is still there, try to connect your Roku with your Mobile Hotspot to test the status of your wifi. Suppose your Roku device is working fine with your Mobile Hotspot. In that case, you must contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to resolve your internet issue.

4. Update your Roku to Latest Version to Resolve Roku Error 018

Sometimes several users are using the old Roku version, and due to that, many problems occur. So it’s highly recommended to update your Roku to the latest version to avoid such issues. Follow the below steps to update your Roku correctly in a short period.

1. On your Roku remote, press the “Home” Button.

2. Now, navigate the options and go to “Settings.”

3. Now, select the “System” option.

4. Here, you will see “System Update,” tap that option once.

5. Now, choose the “Check Now” option and wait for a few minutes.

These are the few methods by which your “Roku Error 018” will resolve, and you will enjoy the bunch of entertainment again. If you face any problem in the mentioned steps, comment on your situation in the comment box.


Roku Error 018 is an internet-related problem that users face these days, so I mentioned the steps in this blog by which you can quickly resolve this problem and use your Roku device once again.

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